How Does It Work?

  1. System Cost is financed by our investor
  2. Client enjoys additional 20 – 40% saving from Total Solar PV System production
  3. WE cover all Maintenance Cost and risk for you
  4. Leasing Period 15 – 25 years
  5. System Ownership is belong to client after leasing period
  6. Requirement: Strong financial and high electricity consumption (More than 50, 000 Kwh per month)

How does it work?

1) 20 – 40% saving from Total Solar PV System production

  • E.g. 20% discount rate. Solar PV System saved RM 300,000 bill for this month, client only need to pay RM23, 000 to finance party. You save RM6,000

2) No maintenance Cost during Leasing / Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

  • All the maintenance cost will be covered during contract period
  • Such as Solar Panel Cleaning, System checking, trouble shooting and etc.

3) Financial Risk Free

  • Capital, maintenance cost and system feasibility checking, we cover all.

4) System Ownership after 15 – 25 years contract

  • After leasing contract, the Solar PV System ownership belong to client. You get a free System.
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