551KWp Solar Installation for 1 acre factory plant in Taiping, Malaysia


Industry: Listed Gloves Factory
Location: Taiping
System Size: 551kwp

Convert your rooftop into a sustainable income.

Most of rooftops are meant for shading and to cover up for their production, however our client decided to install Solar Modules and leverage on the benefits.

We are fortunate that been selected by our client as a Developer and an EPCC (Engineering, procurement, Construction and Commissioning) for this tremendous size of Project.

This system is size is 551kwp that takes up approximate 1 acre of rooftop. The total number of modules was 1431 pieces, 11 pieces of Solar inverter.
From 551kwp, the system managed to save up averagely Energy Bill RM25,000 per month.

The saving is not limited to Energy generation from system, moreover the one of the auxiliary benefits is the heat reduction that beneath the rooftop. It reduces approximately few Celsius from the sun peak hours. This eventually leads greater saving on air-condition or chiller by increasing its temperature.

The recent increase of Solar PV System popularity is not due to its energy saving benefits.

The other main reason is the double tax allowance.
As we all know, we are obliged to pay taxes from our company profit, nevertheless our government tax department LHDN allows to save up to 48% tax from engaging any qualified green energy system. Imagine, you can save up to hundreds of thousands ringgit legally. This may sound too good to be true. Fear not, the pre-approval shall be granted from MIDA before project commencement. This is to assure the tax allowance approval before you commit to the project.

After all the benefits discussion, one crucial question that concern from all clients which is System sustainability.

To determine a system sustainability, it is justified by 2 categories such as: System performance and Risk Assessment.

System Performance

Solar Sunyield abide World Class Design Standard to ensure each site of Solar PV performance reaches the peak. Our World Class Design Standards by selecting the best value of products such as Solar Modules, Inverters and combine it with our system design.

Our designs consist of professional shading analysis, expected performance generation, weight load profile, futuristic maintenance design guidelines, fire hazard prevention and etc.

From above design standards, we committed to our client with performance bond. We belief action speak more than words, only through such commitment, we are confident and proven before that our system generates according to expectation.

Risk Assessment

Solar PV System investment may cost hundreds of thousands that depends on the system size, It is a valuable asset for Company. We provide 24 hours monitoring service by installing a complete monitoring system. This system provides full data control such as the real time performance and most importantly system faulty alert. The alert is instantaneous.

It can be notified through your handphone app anytime, anywhere. In Summary, our client system has been run more than 1 year. The performance is beyond expectation, furthermore, the system is running smooth without any problems due to our world class installation standard. This is the 2nd installation opportunity given to us, we are immensely appreciate it and looking forward to future support.

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