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Net Energy Metering (NEM)

  • It is a program offered by SEDA and TNB
  • Malaysia has allocated a quota of 500MW for net energy
    metering (NEM) up to year 2024
  • Quota allocation will be divided into domestic and non-
    domestic category.
  • The building will consume energy produced from solar pv system, and excessive energy will be export to TNB.

How NEM Program works?

NEM Program is One to One offset basis. E.g. Any Exported Energy will be offset with your same tariff energy. Day time offset night time. Weekend offset Weekday


Subscribers of the following tariff:

  • Industrial
  • Commercial (Including government owned structure)
  • Residential/ Domestic
  • Agricultural

Why go for Solar?

For Commercial/Industrial

  • Investment Tax Allowance (ITA) from MIDA up to 24%
  • Reduce electricity bills up to 75%
  • Enjoy double tax deduction (ITA and Capital allowance)
  • Contribute to Green Building Index (GBI) and enjoy tax
  • Improve Company operational cost by reducing
    electricity bill
  • 2% financing subsidy under the Green Technology
    Financing Scheme (GTFS)
  • Zero Investment Cost Solar PV Leasing Plan

Investment Tax Allowance

It Is a Green Technology Incentives. It is Govern under MIDA Malaysia Investment Tax Allowance (ITA) of 100% of qualifying capital expenditure incurred on a green technology project from the year of assessment 2013 (date on which the first qualifying capital expenditure incurred is not earlier than 25 October 2013) until the year of assessment 2020. The allowance canbe offset against 70% of statutory income in the year of assessment.

Unutilised allowances can be carried forward until they are fully absorbed.

How to Apply?

As your selected Solar PV System Service Provider, we will able to assist to complete the ITA Application for you. Please contact us for more details.

Capital Allowance

Capital allowances are deductions claimable for the wear and tear of qualifying fixed assets such as industrial machinery, office equipment and sign boards. Under Capital Allowance, Solar PV system could categorized as Plant & Machinery and is eligible for depreciation over the period of 6 years.

The Depreciation category falls under Machinery:

  • Initial Allowance 20% (IA – for the first year allowance)
  • Annual allowance 14% (AA – for subsequent years until the full amount is availed)

Green Technology Financing Scheme (GTFS)

  • It is offered by Green Tech Malaysia
  • It is to finance investment for the utilization of green technology
  • It is up to Maximum: RM50 million per group of company
  • Tenure Period is up to 10 years

Send me the details

Don’t Worry, we got you covered up. Engage us as your service provider, we will provide
GTFS assistance for FREE.

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