Q: What Is NEM ? Is it available anytime?
A: NEM is Net Energy Metering that offered by SEDA and TNB Malaysia. It allow client to offset your TNB Bill and carry forward to subsequent months if bill not utilise. This program is going to end on DEC 2020.

Q: Is it Expensive to own a Solar PV System?
A: The ROI of PV System now is 3years with Tax Allowance up to 48%.
Now You can own a system without up front cost, but get investment from us

Q: Is it safe?
A: Yes. It is proven low fire hazard, Low radiation.

Q: Is Solar Panel durable?
A: It is Durable, thorough researches conducted and it shown solar panels durability is more than 30 years above. Furthermore, 30 years performance warranty.

Q: I am interested, can I apply and install immediately?
A: Yes, it is subject Quota basis.

Q: What are the maintenance cost after installed solar pv systems?
A: Cleaning may require periodically 1 year or 2 year once. Using water to brush away debris, dust, or droppings. The cost is few hundred for a small system.

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